Tuesday, June 03, 2008

larva ladybird 3

update larva ladybird(lieveheersbeestje),(Coccinella septempunctata)

How the larva of the ladybird is doing?
This is some pictures on last monday.
I found another bunch of lices on a rosebud,
which I picked for him, so he would have enough for breakfast, lunch and diner.

I knew he was in the last stage of going into cocoon,
but I also found that lice, were not so many on my roses as in years before!
So I hope I have enough lice to feed him.

Yesterday I feared the worst, he was slow, he didn't eat that much,
I didn't find that many lice that day.
I thought he was going to die, either he was preparing for going into cocoon.
As I have never seen this process....I had to follow his actions...
whether going to die, or maybeee........go into cocoon.

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