Sunday, January 20, 2008


continuing story of Owri
snorring bird suddenly opened his eyes, as if he knew someone was looking at him.
Owri puzzeld by himself....shall I ask?
Owri asked: where is my you know?

The bird stopped snorring and pointed up...
in the air... flying is my joy and my life..there is no thing,
that gives more joy and pleasure than flying.
So give it a try!
Owri said: 'I cannot fly'
Oh you can learn...take some lessons...said the bird...
all you need to do is take a few lessons... ,
a little excersizing, & a little discipline.

But where do I get the wings? said Owri
wings?..asked the bird... you don't have wings...?
By now Owri felt very puzzeld... and very confused

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