Monday, January 07, 2008

multiplication of my fish!

Today I went to the printingoffice, because today my cards were going to print!
I went for a last color-control-check at the beginning of the multiplication.
That to me was very .... like brrr....brrrr... shake, tremble
I hope everything goes alright!

As I arrived I saw this very big huge Heidelberg running.
I love Heidelbergers! we had them on the academy of art too...a very old one, but such a beautiful machine...even the noise they make I like.
and than the smell of printing-ink...I love that smell....its smells to me like a perfume...
no I 'm not joking.
and there it was...all my prints running through it.
Immediately at first glance, I knew I had nothing to worry..the prints were excellent.!!!!!!
sighhh...very excellent....! beautiful!!!!!!!!
such a relief!
My dream coming true...having cards...of my paintings, as I like them.
multiplication of my fish!

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