Wednesday, January 16, 2008

birth of 8 cards

Who could think of that exactly 9 month ago I made a post of 'birth of promises'...
for complete view : see link to archives: birth of promises

I then photographed & drew 8 storks carrying a baby!16--04-07

Now the cards are printed..... 8 babies equals 8 different cards !! The cards were delivered this monday!14-01-08

This is exactly 9 months ago! that I made those 8 storks with a promisebaby.
I did not know at that time What exactly these promises were in reality.
But now 9 months later 8 babys are born!!!!!!!!!!
Only I'm now waiting for the "clothes=envelopes" to arrive.
I could not have counted such a precise timing
This cannot be Someone else like God!....
Thanx so much to the Lord of Hosts...who counts even the numbers of my hair!

I am quite a bit astonished

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