Wednesday, September 06, 2006

save the Queen 'spinning'

This morning one of the caterpillars started a kind of marathon, all going in circles, round the tent, where they are in.
It looked as if he was going for miles...and sometimes he fell and had to climb up again.
he was not looking for I found out, when I put him back on the plant, he started going restless ahead..without even giving a glance at eating.
This caught my attention, so I waited and watched what would happen.

For miles, and miles, waiting and watching, he at least stopped on a branch which I had put inside,
I had read, that when they go into cocoons they are attaching themselves on a branch. hanging down.
Now the caterpillar was sitting quiet for quite a while, and then started to spin..little threads around the branch...the treads are very difficult to see, yet they shine a little in the sun.

It is not even the biggest caterpillar, but he decided it is his day today...!

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