Thursday, September 14, 2006

going into cocoon

It is an amazing view, to watch this caterpillar go into cocoon.
the secret is now unfolded..where the legs go, the head and the stripes & spots.

After making the silk safetybelt, the caterpillar sits for 2 days,
quietly hanging completely yielded in the belt.
his legs are no more attached to the branch. trusting and letting go of all!

Then it happens, the skin starts crumbling a bit..and after a kind of see the skin burst open.
beginning with the belly than up to the head.. stripping skin off downwards.
then some shaking with his rear-end to shake off the old skin.
he can move his body very well...yet so vulnarable.
Then he sits waiting till the skin hardens more.
and colors change after that.

All the caterpillars are now in their cocoons..
remarkable thing is that there are 3 bright green ones and the other cocoons are all brown!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Henny,
It really intrigues me how these caterpillars act; and change. I always wanted to know how it happened, and I am so glad you make it possible for us all to enjoy it. Thank you!