Friday, September 22, 2006

Leap of faith

There is one thing is is still glued to my minds eye.

That is the total yieldedness of the caterpillar when he begins his transformation.

After he has made his safetybelt,
He lets go of his grip to the branch.
only with his rear-end , he stayed attached to the branch.
but he let go loose of his feet completely.
No grip, no control, no thing to holding on.
Only letting go in complete yielding and surrender.
Before the transformation took place.

In fact it is a great leap of faith!
Not knowing what would gone happen.
He might know somewhere, he 'g going to be a beautiful butterfly someday,
But before that's going to happen, he has to go into the opposite direction.
going into a stiff cocoon, no moving, no flying, only sitting in a stiff cave kind of prison.

This process of transformation is so opposite to our standards of changing things.
where you have to do this or that, to make things happen, make sure such and so..

No striving whatsoever,
letting go, yielding, total surrender into unknown territory,
as a leap of faith to becoming a Queen butterfly!

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