Friday, June 30, 2006


It is absolutely incredible to see that the blue eggs (see post 28 june) have changed overnight into fluffy
soft fluffhairs.
This morning suddenly I saw the finch fly away from the that gave me a sort chance to peek. To my Amazement the eggs had hatched!
I was thinking it might at least take 10 days or more, to see the eggs come out, but the finch has sat there already for quite a while, without me noticing...

I surely think now the moustachefinch is the same finch...!
Anyhow... It is to me a miracle that out of these beautiful blue eggs, come such nice living creatures...with moving breathing little bodies...
Again it takes my breath away

If I see this, I absolutely don't understand that people believe there is no Creator God who made this all.!
It takes more faith to believe in the 'Big Bang' than accepting there is A Loving God who created such a beauty all around!!!, which cannot be understood with the mind, only by your spirit you will surely KNOW.

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Anonymous said...

so delighted...the breathtaking miracle of anticipated..
how happy & proud our Creator must be with their arrival!!! heart leapt when I saw these vulnerable little bundles of bird!!!
Sing Mama sing....