Saturday, June 15, 2019

Wood-pigeon nesting

A wood-pigeon decided to build a nest in the Wisteria.
I thought it was not such a good idea, because I wanted to prune it.
The top of the tree had grown way to heavy.
So I decided to take away the beginnings of the nest and that it was better that he choses another place for the nest.
The next day I pruned the tree.
Immediately after that, the pigeon build a new nest on the same spot.
He definitely was less shaded now by my pruning the tree, however if he wants his nest there, very close to my door, (which was another reason I thought this was not a good plan)
I let him and see what happens when he sees me so close when I use the door.
It seems he does not mind, me using my door and walking under the tree.
He quietly sits there on his nest and it seems he is not disturbed so much when I come so close to use the door.

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