Saturday, June 29, 2019

Goldfinch young

Yesterday I went to one of my friends house, because a Goldfinch, (Carduelis carduelis), (Puttertje,) was breeding there in the golden rain.( Laburnum,),(Gouden regen).
Its an awesome bird, well known because of the famous painting of Carel Fabritius.
When I arrived, there was only one finch left in the nest, and it was almost certain he would take his wings as well that evening.
After a while waiting for mom or dad-goldfinch showing up, the finch thought it was time to find them. (They did not come because I guess were busy feeding the others who were already out.)
So the last young did some exercise with his wings...and off he was.
Awesome sight, to be just in time to see him taking his wings.
Later I saw one of the parent finches coming to him to give him a little something. 

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