Sunday, August 27, 2017


This morning while sitting outside,  I noticed a bumble crawling through the grass.
I wondered would it be the same bumble I saved from drowning 2 days ago?
So I stood up to have a closer inspection.
It was the same one! easily recognisable by his broken wing.

He was wandering all over the grass, searching for...I guess some honey
and because he is not able to fly and I noticed only one little clover in the grass,
it would be a miracle that he would find that only one flower.

So I put him on a stick to move him to the clover.
He immediately enjoyed the honey!
When he was finished with the clover I put him on a bunch of lobelia's. so that he would find enough for today.

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Mannie said...

Wat heerlijk dat je 'm terug zag en kon helpen!