Friday, August 25, 2017


By the movement of the water, I noticed that someone was in danger.
It was a bumble.
Somehow he had fallen in the pond and he could not come out.
When i came back with my camera, I saw that he did not move anymore.
Quickly I made a photo and dragged him out of the water.
It looked as if he did not make it.
But when looking closer I saw him move and stirring his antenne.
After a while he tried to cleanse himself with his legs.

When I looked closer, I noticed that his left wing was broken.
Maybe that was the reason that he fell in the water?
Who can tell.
I looked in the water for the part if the wing that was missing.
Maybe he lost it when he nearly drowned.
But I did not find a missing piece of wing in the water.
Anyhow he was well able to walk.
After a while he crawled in the grass.

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