Thursday, October 02, 2014


A few weeks ago I slided away on my jacket, which was lying on the floor.
After that, I could not stand anymore, because my knee hurt very badly.
After a check with the doctor and some X-rays later, it said there was a crack in my bone.
So they put a cast on my leg.
Try to pick up my life from the perspective of a wheelchair.
It took me a while to deal with this view.

Yesterday I thought I try to pick up some doodling.
plenty of time and no inspiration.
The squirrels are having a great time in my neighbors walnut tree.
I wondered what it would look like when they are having a timeout.


Anonymous said...

ofcourse with a cup of nuts tee!!

Unknown said...

Gelukkig ben je weer in de "lucht" .
Een feestje op papier met de eekhoorns. liefs Jo