Tuesday, July 17, 2012

young treecreeper

Yesterday late, my neighbor A. came along through the rain.
In her hand sat a young bird, which had flown against the window.
I was happy to see the bird had vivid eyes...and when I held it in my hands I felt a slight trembling, like purring when you feel a cat's purr, but then more soft.
He was warm, and immediately recognized the bird by his beautiful long sharp beak for catching insects.
He was spotted on the back, dark brown/black spots surrounded by lighter brown..very, very small bird, long brown tail...
It was a young treecreeper....
such a beauty... such a beautiful bill.
A little later I thought he was able to fly again, so I opened my hand...
With his long toes and nails, he dangled a moment on my fingers and then sat for a while on top of my hand.
So that I could admire his very long toes with tiny sharp nails, with a very tight grip.

Then he flew away...to high a fir tree.

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