Saturday, July 21, 2012

wren baby

Yesterday I heard a thump on my window, I saw something falling to the ground.
A bird! was my first thought.
I saw Bibi (cat) sitting near, running to the fallen bird.
I said, screaming 'NO!'
and ran also, to the door.
Bibi ran away with the bird under the garden bench.
Again I said 'NO! NO!'
Bibi ran away, bird in his beak, away from the bench to the grass.
I ran after him, saying again 'NO Bibi! NO, NO, NO!!'
Bibi stopped, sat down in the grass and dropped the little bird on the ground...(good cat)
I snatched the bird away as fast as I could.(relief..sigh)

Birdy still alive, vivid bright eyes...looking frightend by the double triple shock.
(window, cat, me)
A gorgeous tiny, tiny young wren sat in my hand, having a lovely very short tiny tail.
looking....staring at the tumbling, shaking world around him.

I opened my hand...
fffffr rrr rrrrr rrr r rrr  r r r r r r r t !

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