Saturday, December 03, 2011


Its robin time again.
As it is colder and rainy,
robin comes closer to the house,
to inspect if there are some never know...interesting things to eat.
Every year I wonder what kind of robin comes to visit this winter season.
As they always come from the more northern countries to spend winter here.
Will it be a shy one?
or a very brave courageous one?
Some times they are very tame.

I cannot tell yet what kind of type my new robin is.


Lea's Menagerie said...

Beautiful bird photos!
I clicked on your archives to see more robins - wonderful !
Do you think the same ones come back each year? I would guess that they do. Just as we return to a favorite cafe.
Mississippi, USA

iwings said...

Hi Lea,
The robins come back every year from the north,
yet I do not know if it is always the same one that is coming in my garden.
could be.
They spend every year a lot of singing and territorial behavior in order to claim their rights on a certain garden or space.
If that is settled they stay for the wintertime on that particular place.

Anonymous said...

beautiful shots!