Monday, September 05, 2011

save the Queen 3

Today I was happy to be just in time, to see one of the caterpillars breaking out.
He removed his old skin and transformed into cocoon.
It is a great sight to see this happen.

He sat in the corner, so I could only see him from the back.
You can clearly see how he starts to break open at the top
than slowly breaking open to the bottom.
Till the old skin falls off.


Anonymous said...

How long did it take for him/her to get rid of his/her jacket?


iwings said...

The actally putting off his old jacket takes no more than one, two minutes.
The process before, after spinning his safetybelt, he waits one ,two days. Than he his old jacket looks a bit transparant.
When that happens you can expect it soon to happen.

iwings said...

Sorry, it ttakes about 4 to 5 minutes.
I filmed it and saw that it took a little extra time.