Thursday, September 08, 2011

caterpillar 7

Today the 7 th caterpillar decided is was his time to go in hiding.
The day before yesterday he roamed around the whole day!
I worried about his energy,
walking around, seeking a resting spot for a whole day, is quite an effort for such a small creature.
I had placed many sticks on where he could sit in the glasshouse.
But none of it was good enough.
He dropped himself to the bottom, if he did not like the stick where he was on.
This went on and on, till it became dark.
The next day when I awoke, he had found a place on a piece of wood: a cover of a wine box.
I thought the raw wood might be something he liked, so I had placed that inside as well.

Yesterday he sat there the whole day in preparation for his transformation.
I read that a chemical process occurs in his little body.
On the next day(today) you can see that his old skin gets transparent.
His new green skin shining through.
If you enlarge the photo you can see it a little bit.

I also filmed the whole thing again,
so maybe tomorrow I will put it on my blog.

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