Monday, June 20, 2011

Common Redstart

For a couple of days I heard birds screaming, only did not see any.

Till today, as I was doing some gardening.
suddenly I saw screaming young birds,

First I thought they were young robins, but then I saw fatherbird going to one of his young.
Which made me ran inside to grabb my camera!
This was great!
A common redstart (Phoenicurus Phoenicures) (Gekraagde roodstaart) with young!
I rarely see that bird, only once in my garden, and now having fledgelings.
Beautiful orange-red firy bird, darkbrown wings, orange-red tail, black colored face.
white dot on the amazing beautiful bird.
In my garden!.
After a while The young birds started flying arround.
It looked as if their tails were already some orange.

Such a treat!

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