Thursday, September 03, 2009

a sky-house

(continuing thoughts on snail-post sept 1 and on yesterdays post)
read those first, otherwise you won't understand..if you already do with them reading first...

A lighter house would be more comfortable...for the snail,
not so all the world is on your shoulders.
Nobody would be able to carry that much much worry...stress...
too much a heavy burden.
so a light-house would be fine

though a lighthouse has not the right kind of shape,
not being round...enough.

I wanted something light...airy
a house of sky...
a sky-castle would not get any construction-licence to build...they only exist in dreams.

so that's why I painted him air and clouds, as a sky-house.
carrying a piece of Heaven where ever he is going
& having Heaven to be his dwellingplace.

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