Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new airy book for 5770

I always use a scratch-book to make notes,
writing down ideas... writing down thoughts I don't want to loose
or making my own thoughts more clear.
little drawings...doodles..or whatever I think is important to have noted.

I wanted my new book a special look
to make it different from the ones I already have jotted full.

In the mood of "carrying the sky" on your shoulders
(see post a few days ago, 3 Sept) and (Sept 2, snail-house)
This idea keeps working in my mind...this light airy sky...
Living a life without heavy burdens on your shoulders is an art of life.
most of time, problems, worries, stress... anxious thoughts...trouble most joy and fun in life.
I want to learn more to let live with airy sky on my shoulders.

Now every day the book (full of air) helps to remind me everyday.
And I just saw Jewish New-year just starts this weekend..becoming 5770
a good moment to begin with this book.

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Beth Niquette said...

Oh I love this. I truly adore this.