Friday, March 13, 2009

Fritillaria meleagris

A while ago, I found these flowers in a gardencentre.
Fritillaria meleagris, (kivietsbloem), or (snakes head fritillaria,)
Its a very rare specie.
I remember, they were growing in the wet meadows at my uncle and ants place, where I spend my holidays back then as a child.
So nice to vividly see them still growing there, in my minds eye in the wetlands.
We were not allowed to pick them, because they were very protected.
So that gave a kind of great respect for such a beautiful flower.

As I found them lately in a gardencentre, I just could not resist these flowers to bring them home.
Normally they blossem in april...but mine are already open.
blossoming in speckled purples, whites and in betweens.


Anonymous said...

leuke lampekapjes

Catherine said...

These are stunning! Very beautiful!