Saturday, March 29, 2008

night song

In the middle of the night I awoke,
it was 2.15 on my clock,
outside I heard a bird singing...
A sweet delightful tweeting and chirping, could be a robin...kind of robin soundsinging
a solosong right at my window...
never heard a bird sing in the middle of the nighttime.
Normally they start singing at dawn, right before the morning comes, 5.30-6 o'clock.
The bird continued to sing till 2.45 o'clock.
then he suddenly stopped.
as if he had finished his night song.

Later that day I was pondering this.
Somehow, that it was in the middle of the night, it reminded me of scripture
Acts 16: 25,26
Paul and Silas, being in prison
where they were bound with shackles and chains
They started singing and giving praise to The Most High God.
And suddenly Their shackles and chains fell off..
doors were to go.

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Anonymous said...

De Heer is nabij!

Filippenzen 4:5