Tuesday, August 15, 2006

save the Queen

I am thinking and pondering, how to save the caterpillars from the birds.
(see post: 12 august)
I would love to follow the whole process of the growing caterpillars, maturing, and then go into cocoons...make photo's.
Oeps!........and then maybe the Queen-butterfly coming out!
Cannot wait to see!
The butterfly of the swallowtail is rather rare in Holland .
I myself had never seen this butterfly real life, only on pictures.
Checking on the web, I found that this truely is a not a so common butterfly.

So I pondered about my new project,
which I will call ' save the Queen'.
The name in dutch, for the Swallowtail is 'Queen-butterfly' (Koninginne page)... so I call it for short..'save the Queen'.

I found now 9 caterpillars... !
First days I wrapped the caterpillars and plant in a little sachet which I recently got from a friend. It was used for wedding-sweets..on her sisters marriage.
It fits perfectly, yet it is too small, for if the caterpillars grow... but it will do for now.
I am thinking about making a kind of tent , made out of cloth, to shelter around the plant.
So they can grow undisturbed and feed themselves fat and big.

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