Sunday, August 27, 2006

front view

Front view, see how they hold their little feet!
Its kind of funny,
the more I watch the little caterpillars, the more I gone love them.
Seing their behaviour and how they live,
How these little lives, once become the most beautiful butterflies,
is a mistery to me, and though you know it all from the books and other info,
to see and follow their a kind of wonder.

I don't know when they are big enough to go into cocoons.
Because they eat their old skins,I don't know how often they already changed their clothes.
I have made a bigger tent for them to live in and be able to go into hibernation during winter, without being too much disturbed. there are now about 12 caterpillars!
As it are more South-European caterpillars they cannot stay outside during winter.
So I dig out a foeniculumplant (sweet fennel), put it in a pot and made a kind of tent(vitrage) around it, so I can put them in the garage, during hibernation, when it is freezing.
they have definitely grown and become bigger... and maybe soon big enough...for cocooning !

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