Thursday, September 15, 2005

survivalkit always at hand

I always kind of tolerate them, when I find them everywhere under pots and stones..and also in my hall, creeping under through the door.
While I was mobbing the kittchenfloor, a little thing was rolling like a little ball over the floor.
At closer inspection I saw that a wood-louse had rolled himself like a ball, in order to save his life from my attack.
I took a piece of paper, (which happened to be the backside of a sandpaper sheet) and managed to put the little ball on. So amazing how he has his survivalkit always at hand.
He unfolded from his ballposition, but still on his back, he crawled with his feet and legs spinning in topspeed. An effortless trial to get upside up again. Finally he got up again(with a little help) and I saved his life by putting him outside my door. There he found shelter and a new home under one of my pots and plants.

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