Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lady bug

A lady bug is sitting since yesterday on my glass window, only moving the frontpawlegs around its little nose,now and then, is all he does.
Maybe he or she is enjoying my fresh newly painted windowframe, which I repainted the day before.
The nice thing is that I can make a photo on both sides. You normally don't often see the belly of a beetle, only when they fall flat on their backs, and than you immediately want to save them out of their awkward position, when they are trampling their legs and feet like madman.
In Dutch we call a ladybug 'lieveheersbeestje'
which means translated; The Lords beloved little animal.


Anonymous said...

I know why he's called; the Lord's favorite animal, he's so gentle and kind,doesn't hurt anyone,is easily scared and he is very delicate to see. Isn't that the way we schould be towards each other??

iwings said...

Ach what nice, I like the reason you mentioned why he is called that way.