Friday, July 02, 2021

Green woodpecker.

 Last night, already getting dark, I suddenly saw a green woodpecker climbing up the tree.

I always am happy when I see him, however because of his camouflaged outfit I rarely see him.

I do hear him when he is laughing his socks off. And that's the reason I love this bird so much. He laughs at fear and worry. He reminds me of the laughing horse in Job 39: 22 (He laughs at fear and is afraid of nothing.)

(Now in these days so helpful as a reminder during the covid fear. The spread of fear and control, attached to the fraud and cover ups, is actually more of a problem than the virus.)

Here, the green woodpecker is eating the black ants, who are running up and down the bark of this oak.

Green woodpeckers always laugh!

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