Monday, June 07, 2021

European Goldfinch

(Carduelis carduelis) European Goldfinch, Puttertje.

To my surprise there are coming almost every day, 2 goldfinches in my garden for a drink and sometimes a bath as well.

These are fantastic birds. 

Beautiful red colors in their face and a bright yellow on their wings.

They always remind me of the famous painting of Carel Fabricius, who painted a goldfinch being imprisoned. Tied with a chain on his leg. This goldfinch also had to tap water with a thimble. 

I  identified myself with this bird. not being able to fly and how awful that must be.

When I see these birds in my garden, my heart arises with a leap of joy!

No strings attached to his legs. Free to fly! and free to have a drink!

Especially in this time, being free is one of the most treasured values in my eyes.

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