Wednesday, June 14, 2017

bird nest inspection

I made a beginning to inspect the bird nests of the birds that have hatched.
I found a coal-tit's nests full of beautiful colours.
all in blues. and one unhatched egg.

 The second nest is a coal-tit's nest.
Furnished with beautiful colours as well!
In beautiful orange pinks!
However this nest did not hatch. 
The parents did not finish their job for unknown reasons.
5 unfinished eggs were left.

Coal-tit nest with one unfinished egg. 
Unfortunately I dropped the egg when I carefully took out the nest,
but not careful enough so that it fell on the ground.

This nest was empty but it had also on dead baby bird.

The last nest is the flycatchers nest.
All gone out without any problems.

Another time I will show the nuthatch nest and the blue-tits nest.
but I need a higher ladder to be able to inspect it.

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