Sunday, November 06, 2016

hibernating ladybirds

This week I noticed a black spot in the corner of the ceiling in my studio.
Its supposed to be all white on the ceiling...
so, I took my binoculars to have a better view.
To my surprise there sat a group of ladybirds sleeping...hibernating.
I also had found some ladybirds walking around on my glass window.
They had maybe awakened because of the nice warm temperature inside.
I have picked them up to go sleep outside or maybe find something to eat.
but what do I do with the sleeping ones on the ceiling?

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Jacquie said...

Drats! Well, the most Christmasy thing I can think of is releasing them in someone else's house! Maybe a nature retreat or a cabin. I feel for you. I have four of the longest lived finches in the world. And I can't release them. I've known them since egg.