Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cat confrontation

This is happening more than once.
Everyday the neighbour cat is having his daily walk thru my garden.
Sometimes I see him more than once.
When Fluffy sees him coming along he's kind of annoyed or not amused...
and in a way he is, because he runs to the window and starts staring at the cat...sweeping tails

The last time, the neighbour cat is challenging The Fluff even more, by sitting on a nearby table outside, knowing that the Fluff cannot do anything, but looking and staring.

The cat sees Fluff but then sees me ...
so funny and runs away.
Fluffy runs to another window where he thinks the cat is fleeing, where he can maybe still see him.
Its a funny sight, every time I see it happen, I wonder
what is going on in the the cats mind...

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