Saturday, March 26, 2016

Storks breeding

Today I went to have a look on the storks.
I heard they were having a nest on the house where I was born.
That is something very unique.
When I arrived 2 storks were flying around and curiously flew to the nest. 
so at first I thought the storks were not at home.
But then I suddenly saw 4 storks. two on the nest, 
the other 2 probably wanting to see if the nest was available.

The ones at home, were preening and making some arrangements on the nest, 
to make sure everything is in order.
Then later one flew a circle, came back 
and posted next to the one breeding, or maybe laying an egg?

1 comment:

Mannie said...

Ik hoop dat ze de schoorsteen niet meer gebruiken....