Saturday, January 16, 2016

Construction work

Yesterday M&R f(friends) came along to visit.
I asked them if they wanted me to help to clean out the birdhouses, (removing the old nests,)
that were to high for me to clean myself.
When that was done, some bird boxes desperately needed repair or to be declared uninhabitable.

I had decided to remove them and buy new houses, But R&M, both said they could to do some reconstruction work.
So they build  a new floor, in one house.
They build walls in a house that was originally a feeding house, but I liked to have it as an open nestbox for a flycatcher or robins.
And they constructed even a new roof on an extremely leaking house.
The birds are very happy to stay dry and warm.
And I am happy for the birds!
Thanx so much M&R!

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