Saturday, May 30, 2015

Robins have young

The robins have young!
A while ago I shared that the nest the robins had made, was ruined by a neighbor-cat.
I had removed the nest, with 4 eggs in it, because it was torn upside down and the robins had left.
Too late to restore the dammage.
After that I had put the nestbox on the same spot, thinking I need to find a better place for the nestbox.
At that time I did not know yet put the nestbox, where to find a better safe place?
So I left it there, without taking action.
Some days later I saw to my great surprise, that the robins had not given up!
They were building a new nest in the same house!
I was so stunned by their determination...and so surprised!
Also paniced a bit, that the cat would find it and would destroy the nest again.
So I took some action and put the nestbox a little away from the fence hanging it on a nearby rose-arch.
It was about half a meter away from the fence, and much less easy for a cat to get into.
Only would the birds accept the move?

The next day I found out they did!
Eggs were brought into the new nest.
I have seen 3 eggs, but after that I did not want to look again, because of the risk to disturb them.
Now after some time breeding I noticed last week, the robins coming in with creepy crawly things!
That means, there is new life in the birdbox!
Though I don't see the birds so often, and wonder if all is going well...
I was able to make some pictures of the birds bringing the food in.
Its such a lovely sight!

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