Saturday, April 25, 2015

Robins nest damaged

Its so sad to share that the robins nest has been damaged by....I think a cat.
The nest and the eggs were lying upside down in the nestbox.
For seversal weeks I had not seen the robins around the nest.
But because of breeding you don't see them a lot, so I hoped they were breeding.
But after so many days not noticing any robin near the nest, I feared the worst.
I let it rest for many more days, because I was not sure.
But yesterday I checked it, and saw that the nest was upside down with 4 eggs in the nest...
Because the nest was pulled upside down in the box, the birds could not return for breeding.
A neighbor cat must have destroyed it.
So sad to see.

I think/hope the robins have made another nest someplace else.

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Unknown said...

So sorry ...... :-(