Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Robin making arrangements

This morning, I could not believe my eyes.
I noticed that the robins are planning to house in the nestbox on my fence!
This is what I hoped for, for many, many years.
A robincouple nesting in my garden and to be able to follow them.

They always planned their nest in my neighbors garden, all those years,
hidden and far away from my sight.
Only one time, many, many years ago, I had a robin nesting in the window of my bathroom.
When I stood on the bathtub, I could peak just a little bit in the nest.
That was so amazing!

The nestbox is near the window, so I have to be careful, not to disturb them.
I saw that they brought in some moss and a few leaves this morning.
I do hope the nesting arrangements will succeed and continue.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

I wonder if you put up a sheer curtain so that you could still see through but maybe the birds won't see you so much. How lucky!!

Anonymous said...

zo leuk.
Ik weet nu waar jouw roodborstjes nestelen.Wat fijn voor je.Lieve groet van Anneke Broos.