Monday, November 10, 2014

Woodpecker crash

This morning I heard a loud thump against the glass window.
I looked and I found Mr. woodpecker laying on the ground.
I thought he would not survive the crash.
I thought it would be better not to pick him up, maybe I would make it worse if he panicked.

He still was breathing a little bit…
But it looked so bad.
I prayed.
I had not much hope, prayed some more...
The bird was completely in a shock. He hardly noticed me coming close.
Some time later I checked on him again.
The sun was coming through and warmed him a bit, which seemed to be good, because the wind was rather cold.
Than some time later I noticed he was a tiny little bit more alive, though still in a shock, he blinked his eyes.
He sat there for a long, long time.
dozing and coming alive a little, little more.
I felt so sorry for the bird.
Than after some more hours he was gone.
Later this afternoon he came along near the peanut butter jar, but he could not fly very well.
He tried to drink some water.
Later I put some food on the ground, for him easier to pick up.
Maybe when he comes back he will find.

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