Sunday, August 31, 2014

instead of a stamp

This week I received an official letter from the town hall
The letter has no normal stamp anymore…
This one above is what it is today.

Instead of stamps, the mail is delivered with a kind of printed stamp.
A cheapish poor looking printed stamp, in a bad design.

Not like some years ago, when you received a snailmail letter with at least a glued
stamp with the head of the queen and this last year the head of the king, making a letter a real letter.
I would expect from an official letter more.
I now looks like a printed matter, you would throw away easily when you don't look thrice.
Somehow this is a severe degradation in the mail.

You say…of course email, whatsapp, twitter and other social media….I know, I know…
We are going to find it normal these days…don't even notice anymore…unimportant...

I think its an impoverishment of our country.

I want (glued)stamps !!!!!!!!!!!!

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