Wednesday, May 21, 2014

State stamps of USA

Today I received a delightful letter from Barbara Rudolph in my mailbox.
We connected because we both have a passion for birds.
I received from her a beautiful set of American State birds stamps.
Amazing birds, each one representing one of the States of the USA.
Thank you so much Barbara!

Have a look at her website and blog.
Barbara makes beautiful bird paintings in oil paint.
(see photos below and who she is.).
I am an artist that enjoys telling a story with my paintings. They are unique, thought provoking and often have a sense of humor to them. My most recent work has focused primarily on intimate portraits of birds, often in a peculiar and fun situation. I have devoted a lot of time to photographing birds which I later incorporate into my still-life arrangements of books and other objects with the birds. I enjoy the challenges of painting in a realistic style. I try to capture a moment in time with my sky paintings with a single bird or birds in flight. I am an Arizona artist that has been interested in drawing and painting since an early age. I have created many works for clients in a variety of styles, from floral to classical figurative paintings. My medium of choice is oil paint. Art is such an important part of my life. I love to spend time in the studio creating paintings that will bring joy into people's lives.
On her blog you can see she started with beautiful oilsketches of 70 different birds.

and a video of her work.

Barbara Rudoph   Tell a story

Barbara Rudoph   Goldfinch sonata

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Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Thank you very much! Enjoy the bird stamps and please keep in touch. I'll be sure and send you some photos of the new painting with your kitty once it is finished. Barbara