Monday, February 10, 2014


I heard a little thump agains the window.
Saw something falling down.
Immediately I knew it must have been a bird.

Outside I found him lying down …legs up.
I held it in my hands for a while.
Lovely warm little birdy…gasping for air.
I held it a while longer…
The bird did not seem to notice.
After some more time I noticed he was a bit more alive.
He reacted a bit, though not very much.
I went inside to grab my camera.
It was all okay for the bird…he did not mind.
I noticed, he moved his eyes when he heard the sound of my camera clicking.
He was able to sit again and then slowly he started to recover.
Sigh, sigh... to my relief.

After some more time, he was able to fly away!


Anonymous said...

wat een snoepie!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wat een mooitje!
Klein hersenschuddinkje?