Wednesday, July 17, 2013


While picking berries, I heard a kind of rustle nearby.
I looked around to see where that  sound came from.
First I saw nothing, but then suddenly my eye fell on a tiny little rabbit,
being entangled in a gooseberry net hanging nearby.
(In the past, the net had been hanging over the berries, but now we had especially taken away the net from the berries, so that the birds wouldn't get stuck in the net.)
The little rabbit wrestled and wriggled trying to get loose, but the more he tried, the more he got stuck and wrapped up even more in the net.

When he noticed me, he wriggled and tried harder to get loose.
I said: 'Wait a moment! I'll get some scissors!' and ran off to my car to get it.
When I came back and came closer, the little bunny became even more afraid.
When I tried to hold him very be able to cut the net...he started screaming!
Such a panic stricken screaming coming from such a little small bunny!
My heart melted even more by this.
'I just come to help you...don't be afraid, I said to calm him down a little, ...while I cut the net from his trembling body.
Soon he was free, and without looking back, or saying'Thank you so very much', he rushed away under the nearest hedge.

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Yvonne said...

I'm really impressed about your blog and also your paintings. I was on a market in Zelhem where I bought some of your cards. Thank you! Bless you!