Sunday, June 02, 2013

Burnt tail

As so many times, either Fluffy or Bibi are sitting on a small stairs, in my kitchen.
The stairs wander a litlle so now and then through my kitchen.
I use it as a sit on when I think sitting is easier for my back, to do the cooking.
One day it is near the sink, the other day near the gas cooker, or near the cupboard.
Today it was near the gas cooker.
I already shove it a little away from the gas.
Fearing that one of the cats sitting on it coming too close near the flames
and my pots and pans...while they are curiously inspecting what I am cooking.

So was today.
Fluffy on the stairs...watching curiously.
Then he stood up turned around...and wiped his tail too close near the gas.
I just was quick catch his tail away from the flames.
Yet I smelled a little burning.

Later I inspected his tail....
I could easily wipe off the scorched hair.
Later he brushed it clean himself.

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oh Fluffy oh Fluffy