Monday, April 15, 2013

Flycatcher back!

For more than a week I was on the look-out for the flycatcher coming back.
But the weather circumstances were bad.
Winter resisting spring with all of his might.

Last few days it seems that spring has won finally.
Of course I knew spring would win...but oh how long would it take?

I saw a glimpse of the flycatcher...all the way back from Africa.
(Triple Sigh)
He survived the cold and what more challenges did he face?
I am Happy he arrived...!

I looked back over the years when I noticed him back in my garden the other years.
going back to 2006
2006 - 17 April
2007-  19 April
2008- 18 April
2009- 11 April
2010-  7 April
2011-  6 April
2012-  2April
2013- 15 April

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

prachtig zo`n trouw vogeltje,dan heb je een bijzonder tuintje!!