Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fluffy and Bibi and the birds

The birds are very interesting for Fluffy.
Its not clear if he only wants to play...or chase them for a meal.

We don't take the risk.

This morning when the birds were in the cage,
Fluffy jumped on top of the cage, but the birds hardly blinked with their eyes.
The birds are used to a stalking cat.
Their neighbour cat at home (Boris) also has a the same hobby.(birdwatching)
But we keep an eye on them...just to make sure. 
After a while Fluffy jumps on the drawer fast asleep all day.

When the birds fly freely around, Fluffy and Bibi sit behind closed doors...

Through the glass kitchen door they can peek...
and have this staring fixed look in their eyes...


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Anonymous said...

tja katten blijven katten,miauw