Thursday, August 02, 2012


One week ago, I found a butterfly on the ground in my garden.
I picked it up, he seemed dead.
After a while looking carefully, and some more inspection, I decided he must be dead.
I unfolded his wings, and put him in a petri dish.
He was beautiful, even dead.

Today, One week later, my eye fell on the dish, and to my amazement the butterfly moved!
In shock, I put the butterfly outside, picked a butterflyflower, so that he could feed.
He is very weak...yet he is trying to drink some nectar from the flower.
Sigh...3 times.


Mannie said...

Wat een schrik! Hoop dat het helemaal goed komt. Maar wat raar.
Weet je al wat voor vlindersoort het is?

iwings said...

Het is een dagpauwoog.
Heb hem vandaag in de vlinderstruik gezet.