Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Polly 14

continuing story Polly

The next day at 4. Polly had made everything ready to receive the guests.
he had cut a piece from the enormous pie, and put it in the middle of the 'table' .

When all his friends had arrived, they wondered why and how come?
They asked: Are you having your birthday party?
or is it a special day, or an important day to have a party?

Polly nodded his head. He said that today is a very special day,
because it is a very unspecial day and a very unimportant day, just like so many other days.
He wanted to celebrate the unimportant and the unspecial, kind of boring days.

That's why he had made such a big PurplePinkBlueBerryPie for all unspecial days that are coming...to celebrate them all.....everyday!

Unspecialdayparty's... with PurplePinkBlueBerryPie.


Gerdien said...

Geweldig verhaal

Mannie said...

Bedankt. Zal er nog eens verder over denken.