Friday, October 14, 2011

Mole 30

continuing story Mole

When mrs Beetle came closer,
she landed on a nearby reed.
She saw that the baby birds were not alone.
Two big white birds were along with them,
even carrying some of the birds on their back between their wings.
They were swans!
She understood immediately they must be the real parents.

The swans told her, they were breeding the eggs...and were almost finished,
that one night the eggs were stolen!
Just taken away by someone, while they were having a little break,
to get some sandwiches and tea.
when they came back all the eggs were gone.
They had looked everywhere..called them...but nothing, no one answered.

Mrs beetle than told the swans, how they: (Mole, Hedgehog and the Bunnies and herself) had each bought some eggs from a mrs Tjick and that the eggs had hatched right after.
How they all had looked after the chicks in turns...and than one day going to the pond, the chicks all wanted to stay in the water.

It was all clear now...the chicks and the swans knew they belonged to each other!

Afterwards, Mrs Beetle returned happily to Mole Hedgehog and the Bunnies.
Finally all had worked out very well.
The babyswans were HOME


Anonymous said...

Lieve Hennie,

Hartelijk dank voor het geweldige verhaal! Ik heb er zo van genoten!


Mannie said...

Jammer dat het verhaal uit is. Het was altijd weer spannend - wat zou de volgende episode zijn....
Ik heb er weer van genoten.


Anonymous said...

AH dat was een leuk verhaal, met een happy end.

groetjes Anneke