Thursday, July 07, 2011

Blue-Fluff (Poespoes)

There he was again, in my garden.
The greyblue fluffy cat.

Blue fluff as I named him, listens to the name of Poespoes.
As I found out some months ago.
He had been here before.
more than once.
Poespoes is a runawaycat.
He lives in a nearby village, and he seems to like my village.
which is about 2, 3 kilometers from the place where he lives.
he is roaming around in the area.

As I know now where he lives, and that he is a runawaycat,
I tried to tempt him to come.
First he ran away, but then some moments later,
I heard a highpitched whining Mjiiieuw, mjiiieeuw,
as if he was happy with the attention.
As he is a very nice cat, he came to me, I could pick him up and bring him inside the house.
When I came in, Bibi slipped out.
That made it even easier, no confrontation and hissing sounds or whatsoever.

I gave Poespoes some of Bibi's food which he eagerly swallowed.
I could tell he was very hungry.
Within seconds the food was all gone.

Meanwhile I phoned his owner.
As she came, she was so happy to have him back!
He had been away for 3 weeks!
Such a lovely cat, with a very mind of his own.


Mannie said...

Leaves me wondering how did you know the owner...

iwings said...

She was searching for the cat in the neighbourhood on her bike.
When I was outside, she asked me if I had seen a greyblue cat. And I said Yes!
So we talked a while, told the Poespoes was a runaway cat, (The cat seemed to love this area, for unexplainable reason) she gave me her adres, when I saw him again, I would contact her.