Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moon XXL

Last night I heard on the news, that there was something special with the moon.
Not only he was full these days,
but he looks 14% bigger than normal.
He seems bigger because he is lower at the horizon.
Also he is closest near the earth now: 356.577 kilometer.

So that was interesting enough for me to make a shot last night, of this XXL moon.

The 2 shadows on the moon comes from a tree..sitting in front of the moon


Mannie said...

Mooie foto van de maan. Had 'm nooit zo gedetailleerd bekeken...

Beth Niquette said...

This is an amazing photo. It was cloudy here, though I did see it the night before it was full. VERY bright.

Annie said...

Are all of these photos yours? I mean, did you take them all? They are fantastic :)

Annie said...

I acctualy went to the park around 10 pm to watch the moon from the tallest part of the play ground equiptment. There was also a thunder storm where I was..... lots of lightning and very scary. I tried taking photos with the camera on my cell phone but they were terrible. You are a great photagrapher.